Thursday, June 2, 2011

The lady birds and the bee's

What a fun day I've had today, spending lots of it in my studio, in between physio and other appointments, catching up with some little buggy friends. I wanted to do some bugs for a little project I am working on and chose bee's and lady birds, so did a quick little research into them and then had lots of fun.
Scanning is still not working well for me.... but at this time of night the lights not good for digital pictures anyway.
sketchbook antics (or should that be bee-tics)

Looking at lady bugs close up was kind of creepy - their legs look a little too like spiders legs for my liking - and i couldn't look too long at the pictures as they were losing thier cute factor ~fast~!

The little bee at the top is starting school, he has his lunch and this bag and he is ready to go.

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  1. Oh don't worry, they're still cute to me. I love seeing your other sketches


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