Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Creative Tuesday - ideal coffee break

Cappuccino's with the bunny girl pals. (I have a thing for bunnies at the moment)
The kids are playing happily together, we have time to catch up, chat, laugh, and relax. An ideal way to unwind and treat yourself: good friends, nice coffee and a lightness that comes with familiarity, being yourself and just enjoying each others company.

Sorry, ths is a real quick one, done in a bit of a rough and experimental style. Im not sure that I like it.... oh well.

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Cheers - have a great day everyone.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Illustration Friday - Disguise

Just like any good business person the Easter bunny needed to maximise his profits. Every year in his non peak seasons he disguises himself as a local chicken farmer to pedal some of his surplus stock

This is a bit of a dalliance with vector art. I did an online tutorial recently which gave me a few basics so I could experiment and give it a try, I have done one or two other little trials, I might pop them up later. I don't know that it is for me though, the symmetry is off putting for me - not really my style. This is a blended approach, not all vector.
I know there are some vector artists out there that do stunning work, so I certainly won't right it off for myself just yet, I will practice when I can and see what comes. I do love experimenting with new things and teaching myself new skills. :-)
This is the vector tutorial I used, I found it really straight forward and simple to follow. It's for fireworks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvaUr67KB00&feature=relmfu uploaded by mlwebconsultation
Then I developed this in illustrator with the knowledge I learnt from the above tutorial. I must say, I find illustrator quite hard to work with and ended up doing my outlines there and all of the painting in photoshop. More tutorials required i feel :-D If anyone knows any good ones, please let me know.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Illustration Friday _ Influence

My illustration is a little personal this week. When the word was influence I immediately thought of our little pooch Tuvoc, who sadly isn't with us anymore, but as such a huge part of all of our lives there is not a day that goes past where we don't mention her, or tell a funny story, or shed a quiet tear,  or think of her in some way. She was truly an important part of our family.
Her influence,
Live life everyday, love the people who love you and show them how much you care, with carefree abandon! Never hold back. love the sun on your back and the wind in your face and most of all, never grow old, enjoy every minute as if you were young enough to roll on the grass, chase butterflies, run like the wind, dig holes in the sand, and jump into any close body of water when you know you really shouldn't, all just because it feels so good!

She got the nickname "little pig" when my brother was telling us he had heard the only animal that can't be successfully put in a harness is a pig because of their rotund body shape - of course this was while we were trying to her harness on for a walk one day and she kept backing out of it! Most unkind but the name stuck!

Having a great time ripping paper after one of our moves

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creative Tuesday = Moon

I've been watching a lot of the TV show "true blood" lately and the significance of a full moon is often talked about there, but more than anything I was drawn to the majesty of the wolf, I'm very much a canine person and what could be more lunar than a wolf baying at the moon.
Just a little aside, we get much amusement as our little girl misunderstood what we said when she heard us talking about the moon one night and now she calls her (moon) mooner (instead of lunar).

I'm sorry folks, I won't be able to comment on other images until later, I'm off to work in a short time. Its going to be a hard day after about 1 hour sleep overnight as I have been up with my little munchkin who has had a bad earache - all night! Poor poppet, so the moon has been our companion over the past 8 hours. Dad has taken over now, so its hi ho hi ho ... for me.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Illustration Friday - swell

When Theodore set out the weather prediction was for sunshine and smooth sailing, but when he hit the open water, things began to change. The swell had picked up and it was becoming quite choppy. Grey clouds rolled in.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Illustration Friday - Imperfect

Hello, just a quick illo this week, whats new I hear you ask?
This little image was inspired by the illustration Friday word imperfect which brought back some childhood memories of mine. We had chooks ( chickens) and they were allowed to roam free around our yard, they laid our egg supply but we also had broody hens and chicks from time to time.
On at least two occasions i remember there was a little chick born with a deformed leg. These little chickens really fought for survival and to keep up with their much healthier siblings and mum but alas, they could never really compete. When they could no longer keep up and things were glum we would take them inside and put them in an ice cream container with lots of soft padding and keep them warm, feeding them with an eye dropper until their time came.
I like to think we brought those little chicks some comfort at that time.

Of course it all seems a little rosier in this little picc.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ice cream - creative tuesday

Well I have decided to join in with the creative and talented crew of Mr Toasts Creative Tuesday and pop in an illustration of my own.  I'm so excited about it, I have two.
The first one is one I did specifically but the second is one that my little girl and I did together for Creative Tuesday, when I first decided I would join in when I can. When I sat down to have a sketch in the lounge room and told her about the theme she sat with me and then the pencils and texta's came out and we had baby bear ready for uploading ( I did a little touch up in a few spots ) but many of the colours - especially the ice cream flavours ( strawberry and banana - her favourites) , choice of topping and lots of bits are hers.
Don't expect two too often - finding time for one is usually a drama for me. 

Babies first ice cream

I hope you enjoy these for now. Cheers Janet

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Illustration Friday - Obsession

What a great word this week!
My adapted sketch this week reflects that obsession can be a potentially dark subject but I don't need to explain that!

What is his story, why is he there?
Who has that uncomfortable feeling they are being watched but can't pinpoint whats causing it ?
How long has he been there?

Lets hope that he has a good reason for being there!