Thursday, October 20, 2011

Illustration Friday_scattered

Wow, I didn’t realise how long it had been since i had been into my blog... its been a really busy week or two. Lots of people I speak to say the same. Does it ever feel like that for you, that some weeks fly by quicker than others...

Anyway, scattered - I can’t think of that word without thinking of confetti! I remember a time where you could go to a wedding and throw confetti and for me that was the best part of it. I was pretty young at the time so that is probably why, but I have such fond memories of it and I found it so sad when they stopped allowing people to use it.

I know we have to protect our planet as well so I was quite happy to see a reference to ecofetti – an environmentally friendly confetti that “dissolves in 24 – 48 hours”! Yah! Next time I go to a wedding, I am packing myself some ecofetti and I can relive one of the spenders of my childhood!

Ill be by to visit my wonderful blog buddies beaut blogs soon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Creative Tuesday_cupcake

Well, so many ideas and so little time. Unfortunately my first creative foray for this topic just didn't work out, I'm not sure what it is with me and cupcakes but I am just not that good at representing them artistically. I can make them and they taste good... but..
Here is my Creative Tuesday post and a picture of some cupcakes I made some time ago, I love making the fun ones but don't always take pics! These ones are a bit messy, my little girl and I do them together so sometimes they go a little awry
Please pop along to for the other cupcake works

Okay, I have just realised I have done this a week early and here I was thinking I was running late.... Oh well, I will file this way for next week now.
12/10/11 Ta -Dah - here is a post I prepared earlier - all ready to pop on my blog. xx

Illustration Friday - Hibernate

In her new bear hat on her way home from a fun day at her grandparents
and in the warm car which felt like a big cosy cave
she couldn't help getting sleepy,
maybe she was hibernating like a real bear...

Another quick one, not the drawing per say but the finishing, I am becoming quite used to 'quick art', it might not necessarily be good art all the time but it lets me get something up on here, which I enjoy.