Monday, June 6, 2011

Illustration Friday - Shadow

I'm finally getting an illustration in well before the end of the week - yay me! Its a bit like the old saying though, the paints not even dry....I have been so busy lately with Dibbydabby things, I will post about that at the end of the week. Well this is my entry, the concept is probably as old as the hills but I just couldn't resist a mischievous shadow.

Hal just couldn't put his finger on it, something didn't feel right, he felt like he was being followed but when he turned around there was nothing there ...

I am finding it so hard with blogger lately, its disappointing me as I am having great problems with signing in  and being able to comment on other peoples wonderful blogs so its been painful. I've removed my face book "like" button just in case that's the problem - I know that is probably highly unlikely but I will give it a go, you never know the magic of wishful thinking :-). Also we recently changed one of our email addresses so I'm wondering if the conflict with that is causing it... anyway, I vow to get to the bottom of it... when I get time! Please know I am going out there looking at the wonderful funny, creative, pretty and mind blowing works you are all putting up there, I just sometimes can't go in as me to comment, and some blogs don't allow anonymous users ... so if it feels like what Hal here sometimes feels and you sense a lurking and that your never alone (in blog land) it might be me...


  1. Hee hee, I love this! I always appreciate a little mischief, even (and often) as its victim... (I grew up with 3 brothers, plus a younger sister!)
    Love how you tied this in with your recent BLogger frustrations- Hope all these issues are resolved soon! :o)

  2. Love the illustration its very funny the illustration works on its own but the caption makes it even better :)

    Sorry to hear you are having problems with blogger :( My art is also on Tumblr

    and I have managed to install a comment section so If you want to say something about my art you could try that.

  3. Hehehe clever and very well done Janet. Great color choices. Shadows are the opposite color... you nailed it :o)

  4. Thank you Michelle, Chibi and Jack :-)
    Thanks for the link to your tumblr account Chibi and I have been in, and *today* I have my blog working again... yay! hope I can make it last...
    xoxo thanks for visiting <3

  5. Lovely illustration. Reminds me of Peter Pan! Good luck with Blogger... Sounds frustrating.

  6. Hi katie, thank you! it appears if I dont open my email account on here that also helps... so Im not doing that and at the moment, fingers crossed it lasts, I can use blogger again.

  7. What cute illustrations, looking forward to see your interpretation on 'swept'. And hope blogger gets better...

  8. Janet - Greetings from the Gold Coast. I love.the shadow's bunny ears , it really shows good humour and talented illustration. Zzz

  9. Thank you Melanie, I bet you are still relativley warm up your way, its freezing down here :-)


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