Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my tooth is feeling better! Yah!

Me over the weekend

Well.... I didn't actually wear a thing around my head but that's all I could think about - those cartoon characters with the bandage around their face when they had a sore tooth. 1 root canal (1/2 done?) and I feel so much better, just the residual discomfort from the work now. 1 - 2 more to go to complete the process in 1 month and then eventually a crown.

I just want to say, even know he will never read this, a huge thank you to the endodontist who helped me, Dr Farmer - he was fantastic and took great care and made sure I was pain free and relaxed the whole time. A lovely man who is wonderful at his job and has a wonderful respect for his patients.  A big thank you to all endodentists and dentists and health workers out there who read this post! You make a big difference in peoples lives!

Thanks also to everyone who popped by my last post with reassurance, it really meant a lot and you were all right, it didn't hurt and I just kept my eye on the prize - relief !

xo Janet

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Illustration Friday - Purr-ennial

I'm afraid my take on illustration Friday has been led a touch astray by a little folly this week. I thought of lots of true perennial things and was going to do a little tribute to the Australian gum tree which grows to majestic heights and lives for many hundreds of years... but I needed something cheery in my week this weekend - I'm nursing a cracked and infected molar, going for root canal tomorrow ( Ive never had one before so I'm a bit apprehensive as well as sore  :-/) and just wanted to have some fun!

Meet Miss Kitty and the illustration Friday image this week is about her purr - ennial drive to be a fashionista, looked up to by the kitties in her group and to always make a positive fashion statement (and not become a fashion victim)

Business kitty             Glamour puss                    Kitty next door

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Illustration friday - Gesture.... Bunny makes a wish

Just something I'm trialling.... I move between digital and traditional illustration a lot, I guess I have grown to love creating in both mediums so that's a good thing.

That night, before she turned out her light and went to sleep
bunny looked to the stars and made a wish

Hoping all of your wishes come true :-)

Now I have decided to make this my Illustration Friday entry as well. It's my gesture of friendship to all of you wonderful people who visit my blog and make this a shared experience which is rewarding and so very enjoyable for me! xo Janet

Monday, July 18, 2011

meet Anty

I just thought I would introduce you to Anty, it’s her birthday today!

Anty started life as an empty, folded, sipper straw packet, which just happened to fit neatly over my little girls finger and ~ ta – da ta – da ~ Anty was born. Don’t you just love how children can find characters and stories seemingly from nowhere!

Well anyway, ever since that first day, five days ago, my little girl has been planning a lovely birthday party for Anty, we just hadn’t had a chance to do it yet. In the mean time Anty 1 was left at Nonna's after a visit so there was another Anty, similarly made. Then, poor Anty 2 was accidentally thrown away by dad and she still hadn't had her birthday party yet!

So today, seeing we had time and we always love doing things together we decided to have Anty re-enter the world in style and give her a party she would be proud of and that’s what we did!
Enjoy her party photos! Hopefully you will feel like you were here celebrating with her.

Party friends - the purple spot is Anty's tattoo - " a balloon"

card, gift and a very excited Anty
 Anty's card
 Anty's cake and her 'present' - plastic knife, fork and spoon

 My little girls very cleverly crafted pretend cake
But we made some cupcakes too
 A little help with Anty's present.

All in all, a lovely day had by all, and Anty is still smiling!  Even Dad came to Antys party!
We hope you enjoy it too!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Illustration Friday - Stay

Max the king prawn couldn't decide if he should stay in the rut he was feeling and keep with his day job or seek out the bright lights of fame and fortune in that magically enchanting place called 'land' so he decided to consult under water worlds most renowned tea leaf reader Madame Zelda...

Let me know what you think the outcome should be? Should he stay or follow his dreams and go? You can vote on this over to to the right of this page :D

Monday, July 4, 2011

Illustration Friday _ Remedy

To find a remedy one must first understand the ailment .....

Bob had heard about this.... if he could just somehow fuse himself to the
table it would be all right!