Friday, July 30, 2010

Fairy party, now I like it better!

Now that appeals to me more than the original one, this is more my style. There is a greater richness and depth to the scene. Its not as delicate but I dont do delicate....
Yes, I m happy with that one.

A party fit for fairies

've been playing around with Photo Shop this morning doing a digital fairy party table. Not sure if I like it, I am experimental and also practising a lot with my digital mediums, I'm always playing about in there while Angelina and I are on the computers, aiming to improve my "control" of my digital pen for finer work.
I think its interesting how I have managed to make the "healthy " choices look quite dull in comparison to the unhealthy ones ... this was completely unintentional and maybe not too appropriate in these days of healthy eating plans.

fairy party
An older work

This is 'fairy bride'

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ist artwork for my new course

This is a quick sketching activity I did yesterday while the Bean was at school, I had to work fast as my fruit and other subjects were quickly moved when school was over "look mum, here is an apple" :-)
This is a straight scan from the original.

Well, Ive finally done it, my first attempt at a blog!

There has to be an easier way... I'm pretty computer literate however found the process of setting up this blog difficult and quite tiresome.I like to build up from the bottom, like my initial website (which I cant use),  not take whats there and mould it to my needs. I think I want more artistic control. Anyway, this is a start, lets get to it and I guess I better see how I go with it from here!
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