Sunday, February 27, 2011

100 faces

In Carla Sonheim's book Drawing Lab for mixed media artists one of the 'activites' involves drawing faces, 100 in fact! - from life, from imagination, self portraits and contour drawings - basically you name you can try it.
I plan to do 100 as opportunities present and as I will put up more as I go, until I meet my quota. I think it will be fun. While I have lots of others I have done before I wanted start fresh and these are quick rough sketches but that is the name of the game. There is no protocol that must be adhered to.
These are some of my first, from my sketchbook. This creative exercise was started on the 25th of February 2011.
Below is 1,2 & 3
 Here are 4, 5 6 & 7.

8 appears in an earlier post. 
Here is 9. I dont think anything stipulates they must be human faces.

Creativity Day

Well today was the second event of the Creative Art Days my friend Lucrezia and I decided to schedule as a regular occurrence and it didn't disappoint. We both learnt new things and had a lot of fun doing it!
Some pic's from today.
Lucrezia working her magic

Paint marks

 Brown paper portrait - I'm working on '100 faces' an idea from Carla Sonheims book This is number 8, i'll upload the other 7 later.
 What more could we want, art, chocolate, nice coffee and good company.
Working on some card ideas

All in all a very very pleasant day! Next one is coming up in early April, we already have plans for what we will try. I'll keep you posted! Janet

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Illustration Friday - layers

World news tonight!
Famous Archaeologist Boris P Bunnito finds fossil evidence of Paleolithic bunnies!

About fossils

What Are Fossils?

•Fossils are the remains or imprints left behind from plants and animals. They can be whole parts of an animal, or just pieces of their remains. They can also include movement remnants of animals, such as footprints or imprints.

How Do They Form

•In order for a fossil to form, an animal or plant must be trapped into a material. In many instances, fossils are found in sediment. Layers of sediment will envelop the remains; this can continue for thousands of years. The actual remains that are found aren't the animal or plant at all. Instead, the remains begin to decay within the sediment. Minerals then replace the space that was once the remains. The mineral hardens and makes an impression of the animal or plant. What is left is what is known as a fossil.
Obviously mine didn't decay too much :-)

Read more: How Do Fossils Form?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Illustration Friday - Sweater

Oh my, the week is flying, I have had a rough sketch in my sketch book for this weeks topic since Saturday and tonight I thought I had to make a move or the new topic will be here and I wont have had a chance to post. It is Thursday evening here as I write this so I have done a real quick digital rendition of my illustration. Its not at all how I had envisioned it when I was planing it, I thought I might like to do a ink and soft water colour wash ... maybe that can be a future project. 
 I really liked the topic this week and my immediate thoughts went to this. I really feel sorry for the doggies who have people who dress them in jumpers (sweaters) or outfits and make them go out side like that. I am sure the other doggies laugh at them ( not that I advocate laughing behind any ones back, these guys are really only engaging in some friendly ribbing). This poor little guy just wants to go home now...please mum....please...

Sunday, February 13, 2011


The Barber family enjoying fireworks over the waterfront.

This is a little chalk & gel pen highlight illustration on black paper  I did a few months ago... I was cleaning a cupboard in my studio and found it again. The scan doesn't really show up the highlights in the fireworks created by the glittery gel pens but I like the look none the less.
I love fireworks myself so I understand why this little family is enjoying them so much.

Pretty pictures

I just love  the colours and the beautiful faces on these sea animals on a little shopping centre merry-go-round, my little girl loves them too, these are her favourites. I like them so much I wanted to put them on my blog :-)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Illustration Friday - Reverse

Everything was going well with the game until Ronald got himself stuck under the log. All of the other animals were helping him to reverse himself out, well everyone except Conrad who was quite annoyed as he was winning the game until this happened!

Just trying something different with the paint application.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A peaceful start to the day

When I drive in to work I have to park a ways away and so I walk and I cut through the botanic garden and I find it a brief ten minute excursion into peace and tranquillity. I just love the way the golden light warms everything. Here are a few photos I thought it would be nice to share. I took them with my mobile so they are not perfect but nice enough.

 Yes I am particularly taken with the lillies
 My fellow commuters
 Trees in the early morning sunlight
And yes, the only problem is that I dont want to go to work then.... :-)