Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Illustration Friday _ soaked _ 2

Couldn't help myself, some sketching while holed up on my sick bed. Feeling crap but at least I can draw to keep me feeling some enjoyment! There is only so much TV I can watch...
Playing in the puddles and having a good old roll seemed such a good idea ... until his human caught him and told him it was time for a good old soak in the bath!


  1. Hope you’re feeling better Janet... but at least we get to benefit from another soaking :o) Thanks for posting.

  2. Cute, love the expression, feel better!

  3. Poor pooch! I know a couple like this!
    And get well- another IF challenge awaits! :o)

  4. Hello all, its me, Janet here, blogger wont let me sign into my own page... its playing up again but at least i can post. Thank you all for you comments on poor Mr Muddy pants here and even more so for the well wishes, they really do help! I've got some antibiotics, pain killers and a good physio, Im sure things will pick up from here. Wonder what the next word will be Michelle :-)

  5. Oh, my dog's face looks exactly like that when she misbehaves :)
    Hope you are feeling better! thanks for your visit!

  6. That dog is faking his remorse. Don't be fooled: He's happier than a pig in poop!


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