Thursday, June 2, 2011

Illustration Friday - Asleep

While I was enjoying bugging around I decided to do my illustration Friday illustration while i was at it. Its funny isn't it how you don't notice things until you scan them... like I forgot the wings - yeesh! never mind through the magic of photo shop I popped some on and I can take my time and put some water colour ones on the original at my leisure.
This little bee wanted to go out with dad and collect honey like a big bee... but after a few flowers he began to fell very very tired...


  1. Aww...this is super cute. I like it!

  2. Such friendly little bugs, here and in the previous post! :o)

  3. This is great, love the line work & the blanket :)
    Thank you for the comments

  4. Hi Lynda, I can only hope you will pop back past my blog, I’m having trouble posting in your blog, not sure why, blogger just hasn’t been the same for me lately... That aside, the reason i have tried to post so many times is to tell you I really like your illustrations, both are lovely, especially the last one as you have really captured such a special and lovely moment in time :-)
    At this stage i cant even post under my own blogger address in my own blog!(I’m finding it very frustrating.... ) - its Janet from Dibbydabby here -


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