Friday, June 10, 2011

Known Issues for Blogger: We're investigating an issue which is preventing l...

I'm still completely frustrated by blogger, might soon be time to move services I think. This has really impacted on my ability to stay current with what i used my blog for. Is anyone else having this problem or is it only me..... I feel so alone here. Oh well all I can do is see if they get it sorted before I'm driven to finding a new blog home :-(.

Known Issues for Blogger: We're investigating an issue which is preventing l...: "We're investigating an issue which is preventing login and comment posting for some users, and hope to have a fix released shortly. Thanks..."


  1. Ahh- haaa it seems there are gremlins in the works as if i can sign out and sign back in (not sure how many repetitions of this are called for as it seemed to be a lot :-)) keeping the “keep signed in” box un-checked and working from my dashboard and standing on one leg while whistling - it works for me… Oh okay I made the last two up but it’s kind of what it feels like! Like the old days with the TV antenna’s

  2. Hey yes drives me nuts


    Google chrome works good most days though!

  3. Oh thanks Andrew, I might need to check it out! :-)

  4. Well, your comment posted on my blog, and that's all that's important :)
    I haven't had the particular problem you're having, but for the last couple of weeks my followers keep disappearing and then after a day they return again. I've noticed other blogs have the same problem but not all of them, which is weird. Since not everyone is affected by these issues it might be related to how our blogs are set up. I wouldn't want to leave blogger, but if so, what's the alternative blog home?

  5. Hi Janet, I tried to leave a comment this AM, but Blogger ate it. (Nothing like eating one's words- So frustrating!) Thanks for your visits, your pics were visible this week! :o)

  6. Thanks Michele, so there was another problem I didnt even know about... Oh well, Im sure they will iron it out soon.... :-?
    Hi Ted, Im like you, I dont want to leave blogger, its been good to me up until now, so I havent really researched the options, but if i had to change there are a few free ones but I think paying would be the next option.

  7. I had some awful Blogger issues, mostly with the followers disappearing and even kicking some out! I actually got so aggravated and researched other Blogging platforms! Blogger has been very poopy lately!

  8. Very Poopy indeed Missy, thats awful about the followers. It leaves me feeling uneasy as Im never quite sure what will happen next.
    Blogger please get your act together!


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