Sunday, May 15, 2011

Missing my blog and blogging friends & my little girl is off at school

Well with problems with blogger all through the week I didn't have many people view my illustration Friday illustration or get any comments, which was a bit sad. I have gotten so used to the lovely supportive comments and shared encouragement that happens within the artistic blogging community I really missed it.

I also missed blogging so much when I couldn't do it because the site was down I posted my blog entry to Facebook. (Usually I am constrained by time, not the blog itself!)

Oh how used to this wonderful medium I have become, so much so I miss it very much when it is not there. Here is the image I posted on Friday to my Facebook pages, I was missing my little girl when she was off at school.

Well today has been my first 'weekday' day off now Angelina has started school. I missed my little partner! These days are going to allow me to concentrate a little more on my art so thats a plus, but I enjoy doing it with my girl. Never mind, we have all weekend together. Something inspired by the influences of my day. :-)


  1. I commented on this on your facebook page..
    anyone who has taught little children can see how well you have captured the first day at school.

    I love their rapt attention.

  2. Love these little students! So well behaved as they begin their classes!
    Hope you see a few more visitors, now that your blog is back working order! :o)


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