Sunday, May 22, 2011

Illustration Friday - Soaked

This little image is one I sketched up last night for my little girl. She was so sad missing her most special little companion & favourite toy Sugar Pup who she has not spent a night away from in four years. Sug got left in the car after dancing yesterday and we didn't realise until last nights bedtime. Daddy had taken the car to work on a night shift ( too far away for us to go and collect Sug) so the IF theme of soaked fits in with a little girls tear soaked pillow last night at bedtime.
There was a very loving and special reunion this morning when Sugar pup made her way home with Daddy. We wondered what adventures she might have gotten up to over night.

She must have approved of the image as when she found it this morning she asked me ot do a big one of it for her room. (This one is in my sketchbook) Have a great week everyone! Janet


  1. Aww glad it was a happy reunion. My little lad hasn't really got an attachment to a toy, but I did work with triplets who had attachments to things, Two had bears that went every where and one had a an attachment to the fleecy lining in a coat, it became her blankie.

    Lovely illustration.

  2. This is so sweet. From tear soaked to happy love soaked. Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Sweet story. I'm glad it was only a temporary separation.

  4. Awww! What a sweet reunion. Nice one Janet!

  5. i am so glad sugar made it back to soak up all of that LOVE! how sweet!

  6. Thank you everyone, yes a happy ending for all :-) such relief and happiness when she was back where she belonged, I'm sure none of us will let that happen again. :-)
    Chibi the triplets sound cute, especially the little one that had the fleecy blankie.


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