Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creative Tuesday Bubblegum

Ned is not pleased!

Please dispose of your bubblegum thoughtfully, this has been a 'Ned' community announcement.

The creative Tuesday word this week is Bubblegum ( in case you haven't figured it out :P) See the other interpretations at

Excuse the dullness of the photo of Ned, its 0630 here and I'm doing this while getting ready for work. I've had the illustration done for days. There is something to be said about doing things last minute

xx Janet


  1. Well, I have managed to visit three other takes on the theme and this is a cool one, so many variations. Ill have to catch the rest later. off to work for me...
    Have a great day everyone!

  2. oh no, poor Ned!! uggg, i have stepped in gum before and I don't blame him!

    great expression!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ah! I love this! Haven't we all been there!

  4. very cute. I like that you go with gum without the bubble.

  5. Love that expression! And the message is clear...I've stepped in it a few times myself!

  6. Love this!!! Yes that is a problem with gum :D)

  7. Ha! I love it!! Poor kitty, couldn't stay away and now look!!
    Awesome work!

  8. I love Ned's community announcement. His face says it all, fabulous!

  9. Well, Janet, it may be "dull" shot here but I brightened it to more like it's oringal as I suspect it is in the montage. Anyway, I LOVE this piece. TOTALLY made me think of "Bagpuss"--did you ever see that old show? so loved it when I was a very little boy. It;s such a darling piece and woudl make a great card. :) ty!

  10. haha, Ned is a great name for him too, btw.


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