Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anniversary trip

Oh its been ages since I posted, sorry, I'm back at work and in full swing!
I have had a lovely break though, it was our anniversary so we ( the family ) went down the coast and had a wonderful "time out" from everyday activity.
The place we stayed was idyllic, it is a working farm with accommodation, just out of a small town but far enough away from everything that it was completely tranquil and serene.
The sun went down in the evening to a chorus of birds of lots of varieties and came up to more of the same.
We had breakfast out in our covered porch in our own little piece of paradise, visited by the farmers dogs and cat after a bit of anything they could get their paws on to eat,  and sheep at our back door.
We went to the small local beaches which were dotted along the coastline and the water was gorgeous, calm mostly and deep blues and aqua greens.
After 5 o'clock we had to travel 1/2 an hour to get to find anything open (shops restaurants etc) and on our evening trips out to get dinner from a bigger town we would pass loads of kangaroos grazing happily in paddocks.
I absolutely loved the colours, being our summer the earth was pretty parched and dry but the colours just looked gorgeous together!These and the landscape reminded me of my home town growing up (albeit that wasn't coastal) but it did have a lot of familiar looking scenery.

Safe to say that a wonderful and relating time was had by all!

Some piccs below!
The colours
Ahhh feel the serenity!

Dibbydabby sand art :-)

A wet dog imprint - I thought it looked pretty cool!
An emu!

Okay, that's the family picc 'slide show' over... hope you enjoyed it :)
I enjoy seeing other peoples lovely photos, especially of places I have never been, that's why i thought i would share ours.

xxxx Janet 

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