Friday, December 30, 2011

My art room will be organised for once.... Yah!

I am very fortunate to have a very loving and for the most part patient husband who supports my art and me 100%. This afternoon into this evening he has been fixing my studio with more shelving space for all my art supplies and tools. This in turn frees up more of my work space for actual artwork and I have no excuse now for trying to work around piles of things I want close at hand on my painting table. They can all be in easy reach and easy to find spaces. This shelving set is an addition and modification of some he set up for me last year which I ‘outgrew’ art supply wise. I’ll stick up an0ther photo once I get my gear back in there. 

Just for fun, a little illo on something I mailed today.


  1. Love that little mail sketch! Very cute! There is nothing quite like being organised hey Janet, congrats on the art room it will be such a nice space to work in!! I hope you have had a great christmas and I wish you the very very very best for 2012!! I hope it is full of smiles and laughter :)

  2. The mail sketch is so cute! Good luck with your new organized space! Looks like it will be great! Happy New Year!

  3. Oh.. I could fill those shelves up with stuff very quickly. I have to keep my drawing table slanted so it doesn't end up buried under artistic sediment.

  4. Thanks Cassandra and Elizabeth and for the chuckle Ted, wish I'd thought of the slope idea in the days before the shelves :-)


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