Saturday, September 3, 2011

my entry in the London Art College 2011 art competition

Well its that time of year again and the Art College I study with are having their annual art competition. I have chosen to use this piece for my entry, inspired by an early morning walk through the botanical garden next to my workplace when the lovely water lily pond was in full bloom. It truly was sight to behold and imprinted on my memory so I wanted to capture that in this little piece. You need to be a student of the college to enter and entries have now closed, I only got in by the skin of my teeth as I have been away from my course work for a little while.
I love this college as I have done a prior course, straight into my current and have plans for more, for me its like getting my BA but being able to pick and chose exactly what I want to study and work on my personal limitations and strengths. The true learner centred adult learning environment! Of course I won't hold a BA but for me its more about the knowledge and skill I achieve and once I finish I hope to hold a few Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.  The other great thing about it are the wonderfully helpful staff and supportive learning environment. Being an adult educator myself I value what they provide.
Water lily

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