Friday, September 9, 2011

Feeling blue... or should that be green

Well I have the flu - again- but this time marked with a really nasty insistent and tiring cough.
I tried to do some painting yesterday and everything I set out to do kind of worked out wrong, it was like my artistic eye was off. that set me to thinking, I wonder if just as we are physically off when we are sick, we may also be artistically impacted as well?
I don't know but it was disconcerting. Ive had days like that before of course but now I wonder if I might have felt under the weather then too... ah I'll have to ponder it a bit more...


  1. hello,
    sorry to hear that you are not feeling well...I hope you make a speedy recovery. this is a sweet drawing...i like the winding roses...i agree with you, when we are not well it can affect our whole creative vibe. get some rest! HUGS

  2. Feel better, I'm sure your art is affected when we are "off"..... she's sweet though

  3. I hope you are feeling better now. This is really charming illustration, lots of character in it. Being sick changes your mood, but you never know when you look back in your "well" state you might find something strange and special :)

  4. So sorry I havent replied, thank you for your well wishes! There is a particulary nasty strain of cough / flu going around my state (in fact it seems the country) at the moment, steering clear of bugs in winter tend to get harder as time passes...
    Still feel rotten but wont complain too much, at least it is 'just" a flu. Your warm thoughts help me feel better! :-)

  5. Addit: I must say I have grown to really like this little image now, maybe it is related to the way I felt that day and painting took my mind off it or maybe its because I dismissed her so off handedly and now i have come back to revisit and I see she wasnt so bad after all ... perhaps it was my eye that was off...


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