Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moving forward

Well I am going to soon move into a new stage with my work, I will attend my first market within the next few months... I haven't narrowed it down to which one yet :-) - perhaps that had better come first, but I haven't been completely without preparation or research, I have been scoping the best place for me to start for a while now. I just want something small and intimate as I just want to see how my work is received out there, plus that is more my style. My ultimate path is to do children's book illustration but this might be a nice entry point. I would love to get a little money from what I do to fund more of what I want to do. It would be great if my art paid for my equipment, some new art goodies - there are so many things I want to try  in terms of products and do in terms of techniques-  and even get me some of the reference books I have been craving but haven't gotten to yet and some online courses I like.
Wow ... I don't want much do I?
Anyway, Ill keep you posted.
This is a little card front I have developed today, a reworking of one of my sketch book illustrations I liked. 


  1. It all sounds do-able to me, I think you're aiming to low. Ha!.

    This bunny sure looks happy!

  2. This is gorgeous! For some strange reason the toes drew my eyes - after the intitial all over view. I think her little hands and feet are as expressive as her face and stance.. they all go together well. Keep her as a character. She's nice.


  3. shes very cute..... good luck with your market and art.....

  4. She's lovely! I'm not much of a dancer myself but she's really inviting you to move along with her, isn't she? Good luck with the market and I'm sure all your wishes will come true! :)

  5. Pretty dancer! Keep us posted on your market adventures!

  6. Thank you so much everyone, I really do appreciate the encouragement and support i get from you all. I will definitely keep you all posted… excuse the pun… on the markets. I apologise if my response seems altogether too short and perhaps even abrupt tonight, but I have an important meeting at work on Thursday that I have to prepare night and day for … I have not long ago finished tonight and need to get to bed to start tomorrow again … – but all is well, by Thursday evening I can relax and post to my heart’s content. (Well after I play with Angelina to make up for tonight, last night and in preparation for tomorrow night’s work first)

  7. I have decided I am going to frame up a print of this bunny and give it tot he local church for thier fund raising raffle at thier next craft fair.


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