Thursday, September 29, 2011

Illustration Friday _ Ferrocious

Have you ever had much to do with Alpacas? They look all docile and sweet but they can be quite mean when they get their dander up!
We first learnt this when we went on a holiday with our pooch and stayed at an Alpaca farm. "Make sure your dog doesn't go near the Alpacas" he said, "they will rip it apart" (might have been nice to include that in the brochure....)
Alpacas are used quite successfully on some farms in Australia (and worldwide) to protect the animal herds like sheep or cattle. I've placed a little info and some links below if you are interested.

Meet Al "Paccino" Pacca

This was my first one until I realised I was wrong... but I still like it! Sorry Mr Paccino, Sorry Mr De Niro...
Alpacas -
Apparently they have an aversion to canines and foxes, coyotes etc. Can rear up on their hind legs and stomp them
"Screaming and neck wrestling are behaviors alpaca males display when trying to establish dominance. They try to bite testicles and run at break-neck speeds around the pastures." - Reference article here:
"Alpacas are very alert, with excellent eyesight. A loud distress or warning call quickly sees the adults in a herd encircle the young to protect them from approaching danger. Much to the
intruder’s surprise, the assertive leaders then approach with great speed, stomping, kicking,
spitting or biting which soon gets the message across and sees the aggressor fleeing for cover." Reference article here:
Another article:


  1. I didn't know and would never have guessed that Alpaca's were such fiercy animals. Yours looks just as cute and cuddly as I believed they were, but now I'll beware. Not that I meet them that much. I live in Holland. In the zoo we have lama's, that's it.

  2. LOL, these are so funny. I'm sure your holiday was very relaxing after being warned of the killer alpacas.

  3. Really? Your experience with Alpacas has been very different than mine. I've sat and had coffee with them twice, and they were actually quite pleasant. Well, they occasionally spit when they talk... and always grab the last donut :(

    All seriousness aside, this is a funny post!

  4. wow, now I know what to do if I meet one,,cover ones testicles and run,, well I don't the bits to cover but I will give those alpaca's lots of distance unless they are as sweet as these ones are.Too cute!!!I love them,, you brought them to life

  5. This is hysterical - great textures and in the grass!
    Thank you for your comments. They brightened my day! :)

  6. Thanks everyone,
    I am glad to warn you of the perils of associating with alpacas, by all means enjoy them but from well out of spitting range 

  7. Ha ha! Gotta love these "bad" boys! :o)


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