Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Illustration Friday _ Influence

My illustration is a little personal this week. When the word was influence I immediately thought of our little pooch Tuvoc, who sadly isn't with us anymore, but as such a huge part of all of our lives there is not a day that goes past where we don't mention her, or tell a funny story, or shed a quiet tear,  or think of her in some way. She was truly an important part of our family.
Her influence,
Live life everyday, love the people who love you and show them how much you care, with carefree abandon! Never hold back. love the sun on your back and the wind in your face and most of all, never grow old, enjoy every minute as if you were young enough to roll on the grass, chase butterflies, run like the wind, dig holes in the sand, and jump into any close body of water when you know you really shouldn't, all just because it feels so good!

She got the nickname "little pig" when my brother was telling us he had heard the only animal that can't be successfully put in a harness is a pig because of their rotund body shape - of course this was while we were trying to her harness on for a walk one day and she kept backing out of it! Most unkind but the name stuck!

Having a great time ripping paper after one of our moves


  1. Awwwwww! Such a sweet sentiment. Our dogs have always been family too. This brought a tear to my eye. Great that Tuvoc still influences your life in such positive ways.

  2. Thank you Jennifer, Im sure they are the more superior being in the grand scheme of things :-)

  3. Hello Janet, thanx for visiting my blog.
    What a cute dog! The real one and the "piggy" too:-) Love them!

  4. Such a sweet post - brought tears to my eyes. Perfect illustration for this week. Love the drawing and the sweet picture.

  5. They bring such joy to our lives! Love the drawing and your picture.

  6. Your drawing is great. It's tough losing a pet. I've owned my African Gray parrot since 1987, and I can't imagine losing him someday. He has a lot of personality and talks too. That's gonna suck when that day comes. :(

  7. Thank you so much for your supportive and caring comments, it is always a little hard 'putting your emotions out there' on the web but generally there are lovely people who visit and give them the respect and care they deserve and remind the writer that the world is a great place with lots of lovely supportive and caring people in it.
    Ted I hpope your parrot is with you a very long time :-) He sounds quite a character.


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