Sunday, August 7, 2011

Illustration Friday - Imperfect

Hello, just a quick illo this week, whats new I hear you ask?
This little image was inspired by the illustration Friday word imperfect which brought back some childhood memories of mine. We had chooks ( chickens) and they were allowed to roam free around our yard, they laid our egg supply but we also had broody hens and chicks from time to time.
On at least two occasions i remember there was a little chick born with a deformed leg. These little chickens really fought for survival and to keep up with their much healthier siblings and mum but alas, they could never really compete. When they could no longer keep up and things were glum we would take them inside and put them in an ice cream container with lots of soft padding and keep them warm, feeding them with an eye dropper until their time came.
I like to think we brought those little chicks some comfort at that time.

Of course it all seems a little rosier in this little picc.


  1. So sweet story! Poor little chicks! What happened when "their time came"? (Not sure if I wanna know)

  2. Oh, you are so kind to the little chickie! You'll be rewarded for your kindness- Please visit me at my blog! :o)

  3. aww.. bless their little hearts!! I would find this hard!!! Cute pic!

  4. Well, thank you three for the comments,
    Sasa, what I meant by their time was simply when they couldn’t go on anymore and passed away, it was sad and yes, was very hard thewillownest, but at least I felt like they went feeling a little loved

  5. Michele, sorry for my delay in saying this but THANK YOU! yes - that is shouted but in a very nice way :-D what a lovely surprise!
    Regrettably, bogger is having another hissy fit and I can’t even comment on my own post properly so I will blog about my lovely sunshine award when I can finally use this blog normally again… oh I hope that is soon. Its been really tiresome to not be able to go in and leave comments etc easily!

  6. aw, how sweet to put your memory into this's perfect for the theme....i like the face on your chick - cute!

  7. Well, I think, Janet, this little guy seems quite fine actually. :) As are you btw--yes, I got your comment and posted it. Hope you'll be posting something for Creative Tuesday again.


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