Sunday, August 28, 2011

Illustration Friday - Disguise

Just like any good business person the Easter bunny needed to maximise his profits. Every year in his non peak seasons he disguises himself as a local chicken farmer to pedal some of his surplus stock

This is a bit of a dalliance with vector art. I did an online tutorial recently which gave me a few basics so I could experiment and give it a try, I have done one or two other little trials, I might pop them up later. I don't know that it is for me though, the symmetry is off putting for me - not really my style. This is a blended approach, not all vector.
I know there are some vector artists out there that do stunning work, so I certainly won't right it off for myself just yet, I will practice when I can and see what comes. I do love experimenting with new things and teaching myself new skills. :-)
This is the vector tutorial I used, I found it really straight forward and simple to follow. It's for fireworks uploaded by mlwebconsultation
Then I developed this in illustrator with the knowledge I learnt from the above tutorial. I must say, I find illustrator quite hard to work with and ended up doing my outlines there and all of the painting in photoshop. More tutorials required i feel :-D If anyone knows any good ones, please let me know.


  1. YAY! Haha I like it! And thanks for stopping by my blog too xoxox

  2. thanks for comment on my blog :D nhah niicee idea :d

  3. Cute little bunny! like the teeth. Thanks for the info on vector illustration, i will look at the utube tutorial.

  4. Great farmer bunny! Impressive that you did it in Illustrator.

  5. Very funny, this ;-) Thanks for your comment on my illustration.
    By the way: has the best pro tutorials!

  6. Very cute. I like the mixed media feel and little visual surprises. Good for you to experiment. Even if the end result is the decision not to go with vector or illustrator - at least you know you've tried. I am with you, I am not a fan of the 'perfect appearing symmetry' that vector art creates...but that is just not my style, either. I think it is great you shared the tutorial and your thoughts. Thanks too for the wonderful comments on my blog this week.

  7. Way to go! Illustrator's a little daunting at first, but you have made a huge step! Cute concept, too! :o)

  8. Thank you for your comment!

    This bunny is wonderful! :) has some really nice vector tutorials, many of them are available
    to non-members.

    Hope all is well.

  9. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments
    :-D and for the leads to which I have since enjoyed visiting and will be going back too.
    With such lovely comments, I will try more illustrator and vector work.


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