Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ice cream - creative tuesday

Well I have decided to join in with the creative and talented crew of Mr Toasts Creative Tuesday and pop in an illustration of my own.  I'm so excited about it, I have two.
The first one is one I did specifically but the second is one that my little girl and I did together for Creative Tuesday, when I first decided I would join in when I can. When I sat down to have a sketch in the lounge room and told her about the theme she sat with me and then the pencils and texta's came out and we had baby bear ready for uploading ( I did a little touch up in a few spots ) but many of the colours - especially the ice cream flavours ( strawberry and banana - her favourites) , choice of topping and lots of bits are hers.
Don't expect two too often - finding time for one is usually a drama for me. 

Babies first ice cream

I hope you enjoy these for now. Cheers Janet

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  1. ha ha ha! I love that baby in the top one! too cute....and the puppy is waiting oh so patiently!
    a darling bear as well, how nice to do art with your little girl!
    good to see you at CT! - enjoy your day!

  2. That clever pooch will do just about any trick to get a bite of that ice cream, and that goofy baby is just the one to make him! ha ha

    Baby bear's ice cream looks DELICIOUS!! nom nom nom!!

  3. Hi Heather and Ted, thanks for the comments, I told my girl and she is very chuffed!
    I think the puppy will definitely get some ice cream, who could resist cute puppy dog antics?
    It is lovely doing art with my little girl Heather, we do it a lot. I must say though sometimes i am in the middle of something which is going really well and she offers to 'help' me by colouring in or adding bits and I have a little pang, but I always let her add her touches. I can always redraw things and I love her imagination and our creativity together.

  4. It's so important to let the little ones express their creativity, I remember how hard it was when mine were little, to let them do things the way they wanted to.
    Two gorgeous pictures, I think baby is lucky to hang on to his ice cream, our dog wouldn't have been so patient!

  5. Oh, these are so fun! I'm glad you joined in! I love your backdrop for your blog..is that your work as well? Beautiful!

  6. both are adorable. how great to be able to do art with your child! mine were SO not interested.....

  7. Well, this is so fun, Janet. So glad you decided to join along with us. Welcome. Wonderful additions to the montage I will do later today.

    BTW, do try to sign up on Tuesday earlier to ensure more visits. Love your work. TY for taking the time to do this and explain your process. :) Makes me smile.

  8. These are great Janet! It is also so cool that you and your daughter can do these things together its so special! Made me smile!!

  9. How cute are they! I love the baby with the ice cream but also love the bear too, i think you have some competition with your little girl here :)

  10. Sorry I'm late....but these are just adorable!

    What great expression on that baby...dog wants a lick too!

  11. These are pretty awesome! I think the pup just takes the cake or rather ice cream for me, but I just really enjoyed these!

  12. Thank you so much everyone, apologies too for my late reply. I work full time as well as everything else so finding time to blog is sometimes a creative venture in its own right :-).
    The header is my work Betsy, the pink /yellow backdrop is a blogger template, I know i can put my own stuff up there; I just haven’t worked out how yet :-)
    I think i might have to keep that little puppy around; he certainly is a popular little fellow.
    Mr Toast, I find it hard but to get my illustrations up earlier as my Tuesday is your Monday and by the time I get home from work on Wednesday it must be late Tuesday for you, but I see how I go, I love comments! (Wow – I just reread that and it’s a strange sentence)
    Wow, what a lovely welcoming to creative Tuesdays! Thanks again to everyone who commented on my illustrations.
    Lovely to hear from you, as always, Cassandra.


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