Friday, April 29, 2011

Pages from my sketchbook

These are just some warts and all pages from my sketch book, nothing polished or certainly fancy, just playing around when I get time and having fun with whats around me. I thought I would share them as I have been away and haven't blogged much illustration stuff over the last week and I am on a short break from work so i have TIME which is generally a rare commodity so I thought I would strike while the iron is hot!

Some gnome fellows, inspired by Preston Blair

Coloured butterfly, I added a bit of colour to the black lino print (my first lino print)

 A couple of likely lads! Mmm Im still not happy with the scan. If anyone can lead me to some tips on the getting the best quality from your scans I would be very pleased
Mmmm thats an official Dora the Explorer sticker up there, Im certainly not taking credit for that :-)


  1. Oh cute and great stuff, love seeing people's sketchbook pages!

  2. Great sketchbook! Love the butterfly! :)


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