Monday, April 4, 2011

Old sketches

Well today I spent the whole day cleaning up my studio / craft room. As it is occasionally a shared room for creative pursuits for me and my little budding artist it gets messy from time to time.  I must say it has also become a bit of a family drop zone - if any ones not sure of where something  belongs it ends up in there.
All in all it hasn't been very conducive for creativity lately so Ive really gone to town, tidying and sorting. Ive emptied every cupboard and shelve and bought heaps of new storage containers etc so it will be a lot easier to find things. Now I've got no time left this evening to create and I feel really invigorated to do so! Never mind, its ready to go when I am...
In the process I found a one of my existing old sketch books so thought Id blog a few of my old pics.
My grand mothers cat?

 Super hero
 Varied characters, not sure what gave me the inspiration for the guy in the apron :-)
I used to love drawing "fashions"

It kind of saddens me that I never pursued  art right from the get go...I used to draw all the time as a child growing up and into my early teens, then I went out and pursued a "career". I didn't have a lot of time for it but never forgot it and met my creative streak by doodling here there and everywhere. Finding it again and devoting more time to it has been a wonderful for me and I a loving every bit of it.

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