Sunday, April 3, 2011

Funday - Sunday - Art day

Well today it was that time again and another fun art day for me and my friend and art buddy Lucrezia. Today we experimented with lino block cutting, something which is new to us both (I’d done it before in school but that was a while ago :-) )We both found it strangely calming and relaxing. I thought it would be a lot harder as I had done some research on the net this morning and a few people had said the lino could be hard to cut but this was quite easy to use. I think I may have inadvertently but rather pleasingly bought the easy carve lino tiles without knowing the difference. Today was a bit of a play but we both want to do more! We also celebrated Lucrezia’s recent birthday too, another fine day had by all!
Here are some piccs.
 My first attempt (well since school years ago) Its rough but I like the roughness It was good fun.

 Above and below, our 'wares'.

 Some fun shots, I love the colours together in the one below.

The birthday cake.  

I hope you had a fun Sunday too!


  1. I love lino its great fun!! By the way if you place it in the oven for a few minutes before cutting it it makes it easier!!

  2. Hi Cassandra, thanks for the tip. I think I was happy with it the other day, I was so paranoid I'd take a chunk out of myself that I probably didn’t want it any easier to cut in case my tool slipped. I’ll try that next time though! Now I’m an old hand at it and all, I’m not so nervous :-)


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