Sunday, April 24, 2011

Illustration Friday: bycycle

Bears on bikes!
This little image was done in my sketch book,  the picture is taken and uploaded on our tablet which we are just getting the hang of so it might not be the best quality.  Anyway enjoy!  And happy easter! 

Updated 29/4/11 - I thought I would scan the image now we are home, to see how much difference there is. The scanning process has made it look much harsher than it is in 'real life' but at least it is clearer. Clicking for a large view gives it more definition.


  1. Sweet sketch, love the tassels on the bikes and the flowing scarf.

  2. So cheerful! Very creative in perspective! :o)

  3. that;s really cool, love the perspective and the colours (and the little bird down the bottom there - brilliant)

  4. Thankyou Chibi, Michele and Alex, I really enjoyed doing this one. It's a bit of an Aussie theme with koala's on the bikes and Sulphur created cocatoos on the trees :-)


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