Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award -

Yah! I am so touched to have received a stylish blogger award from Susanna
Its a bit of fun but it also really means a lot to me as it tells me someone really enjoys my work. That is magic for me.

Here are the 7? things about me.

1.  The first thing is I take many things very seriously, and want to put my best into them, (unless it’s something like house work etc) so I apologies in advance if I don’t give you 7 things about me and 15 blogs to pass the award onto, it’s not that I don’t care it’s just that as I ponder over it for ages and I use time I probably should be using for many other things, so there’s number 2 –

2. I am time poor! I work full time and try to do art and I have a family who need me and… but many of us are so I am sure most of you can relate to that

3. I am unpredictable – even to myself so might even end up doing all 7 things about me and 15 blogs – I won’t know until I am done!

4. I’m finding it hard to do everyday things today – much of my country is experiencing severe flooding – extreme in parts and there has been loss of lives and property and its really very tragic and so out of anyone’s control.

5. What I could say in 5 words, I’ll probably say in 35… I’ve always been that way. It amazes me when people do essays and things like that and say "how can I possibly do 2000 words"…. Maybe quality is something I should think about tho :-)

6. I love my friends and family – they are my life blood. Trouble is I don’t see too many of them often enough – Distance - :-(

7. I love emoticons

These are the blogs I would love to pass the award onto if they are prepared to receive it. Number one for each is their amazing art which I enjoy immensely. Each though has brought something else to me in some way.
A few people might already have one too but I figure they deserve a second anyway.

1. Chris
2. Jack
3. Melissa

Each of these people came into my blog very early on, when I first started illustration Friday posts and they have taken me from someone who loves to draw to a member of a very lovely supportive and nurturing global artist community by making me feel a part of that.

4. Erin's love of her animals is palpable. I adore it
5. I love what Mr Spoqui does
6. My comment I wrote next to this blog when I was planning this was " sheer joy in her heart" - I think I will stick with that.
7.  A very sweet and gentle blog with lovely artwork and sharing of experiences
8. I just love this, the art, the humour, the reality captured in the art….
9. Art and art information - love both _I'm like a sponge with other artists tips and teachings
10. I think Will is a wonderfully generous artist, he shares so much of his art knowledge with people like me through his blog. I admire him.

There are so many others but hey - I'm exhausted, I now need to go and have a good lie down, you will need one too after reading this post!

Did you make it to the end? Let me know :-)


  1. I made it to the end.

    I think your comment about not finishing stuff needs a little modification to accept time is often the telling factor for finishing, not the careful deliberation you do.

    I don't have time to check out the sites of your fellow artists right now.. having someone to afternoon tea (good excuse), but I do appreciate your comments on how they have enhanced your art and enjoyment of it.

    I think I saw Susamnna's message to you the day she sent it. I was lurking.

    I'm very proud of you.
    You deserve that award.

    I have seen your talent blossom as you have continued in your blog.


    I would like to add that having slept in your old bedroom at 'home' over Christmas, and woken to your artwork, you have always had talent.

    your sister

  2. My pleasure Chris.
    Kerrie, awww Thank you so much! Love you!

  3. Hi Janet, nice to read from you about your 7 things!
    Wow...the flood...must be quite something...they worn that Netherlands will be overflow also one day....
    Take it easy!
    Warm regards, Susanna

  4. love the art pics

  5. Thank you so much Janet,

    I'm honored and humbled at your generosity. This has made my day!

    Warmest Regards,

    Edrian Thomidis


  6. Great learning more about you, so sad with the flooding, wishing you all well. I love the fact that you love emoticons! And a big thank you to you!

  7. Thank you Janet, I am honored and what a positive note to start out my day!

    I really enjoyed reading this post and your 7 things - so fun learning those extra bits that we don't usually get in a blog. Also it was great finding other's blogs that I did not know were out there.

    Please stay safe with all the flooding.


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  9. Thank you for such kind words about my illustrations. It is such an honor for you to choose to give me this award. It really does mean a lot to me.

    Thank you!


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