Saturday, January 8, 2011

The christmas gear is packed away with care

Well the house is de-Christmasised for another year. Packed away are the decorations, each one has special reminiscence etched into its shiny surface. Some have many years of memories of laughter, magic, joy and shared merriment while others are new to the fold and just beginning their journey and collection of memoirs, but all are treasures that I hope will surpass many generations.
As each one is packed neatly into little boxes and bubble wrap nostalgic memories flood through my mind of past joys and lost loved ones, human and animal, I turn to my husband or little girl and say "remember when..." and we all feel the moment as if we were back there and for that moment that loved one is holding our hand.
I'm really saddened by how many people say they "cant be bothered" with doing the things that make Christmas special, I find it sad they feel that way. Its not just Christmas, I know a lot of people don't celebrate that Holiday. Its the effort of making something (what ever you believe) special in some way for yourself and particularly if you have them, your children. We have become so disinterested as a society... I  wish people would start to find ways to put their magic back. We should all embrace that child within us that sees the joy and wonderment in things around us and would never for one minute think or say "I cant be bothered"

Made about 10 years ago - my first ever attempt at this kind of thing.
As is my style I didn't use patterns or anything, just did what I wanted.
Perhaps using a pattern isn't such a bad thing but I still like how they turned out.

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