Wednesday, January 26, 2011

art play

I had a great day yesterday making lots of little animals with my watercolours. I started out on a project and it just wasn't going anywhere so I took a break and just let the brush take me where it wanted and these little critters emerged. The kangaroo on my last post was also one of three.

There was a general meeting of the ministry of bugs and
it was decided someone just had to tell Francoise that he wasn't a beetle!
No-one wanted to take responsibility for the telling however.

Lady McAnt

Things that fly

There were horses too!

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  1. I like the horses most of all. Unicorn is just perfect... I want him. :)K

  2. Thanks :-) and someones birthday is soon. I actually like the horses best too.

  3. he he he! love the bugs, especially lady Mcant!

  4. I vote that Francoise gets to be an honorary beetle :) I LOVE Lady McAnt!!!

  5. These look great. Love the bugs! Very cute.

  6. Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed the 'freedom' of it all.
    Okay Lainey, Francoise can be an honorary beetle but only until he starts viewing beetles as potential dinner. Then he is on his own.


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