Thursday, January 13, 2011

Illustration Friday - Dejavu

I wanted to enter Illustration Friday this week but I just didn't know what to draw so I did a sketch instead - weird thing is, it just feels really familiar to me, like I've seen it before somewhere....I cant explain it...

Apologies to Leonardo da Vinci
I had such fun with this, I have been really busy so thought it would be good for a real quick little line sketch but once I got into it I was enjoying the process and I became really lost in her face making lots of corrections and seeing little things I had never noticed before. She did end up quite dark in this one, but Im happy with it.
The painting is so beautiful, oh to be able to paint like the masters...

While I am here I would love to say thank you to Sussana who gave me a stylish blog award - it means a lot and my recipient post for it will appear soon. Janet


  1. Hey Janet (da Vinci) ! Great sketch of a classic! I HAVE seen this somewhere before.... hmmmm can’t put my finger on it. Hey Thanks for the Stylish blog award. I copied it , now I have to repost :o) Your sweet :o)

  2. My pleasure, thanks for all your visits and wonderful comments to my blog!

  3. Love the sketch, especially the eyes! And your post made me chuckle "it just feels really familiar to me, like I've seen it before somewhere....I cant explain it..." heehee!

  4. Like the eyes on this illustration. :)

    I know you've already received the Stylish Blogger Award but here is another if you would like to accept it. Just the award - no additional nominations necessary. Thank you for following me. I am mostly on WordPress and link my posts here but I appreciate your blog and try to follow your posts as much as possible. Please visit if you would like to see the link. Your blog inspires me. Thank you. :)

  5. I am truly touched by JAs post and nomination of me for this award, I absolutely love JA’s work and to hear that I inspire you JA is wonderful for me. As I said in your blog, it came at a very good time for me too, just when I needed to hear something uplifting.


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