Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Illustration Friday - Winter

This is my second entry, I don't usually do two but I didn't get much reaction from my first so i thought it might have been a bit dull :-P. Besides it is summer here so it is a bit hard to get into the idea of winter although we have had some unseasonable weather with days of 20 degrees Celsius - low for us at this time of year. Too cold for water fights and swimming and all the things that symbolise a Christmas in Australia, too cold even for the flies this year!

These little country mice obviously live in another hemisphere as they have had a cold Christmas day.

What could be better on a cold winters day than snuggling with the ones you love and having a nice afternoon nanna nap after a big Christmas lunch ....


  1. Hey Janet! merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love your little snuggling Christmas/winter mice! Great expression on Maurice in the back! (He looks like a Maurice ;o) NICE work!!

  2. Very cute little mice. I can imagine it would be hard to think of winter if it's summer! Greetings from the Great White North!

  3. Season's tidings to you! Your mice are cute, they look cool with the background. I thought it was a picture of real grass at first. Glad to have met ya this year, can't wait to see your posts for 2011.

  4. Hey!
    I missed this one!
    I love it.
    Whose awake? The mum, glad she can finally rest - or a child reviewing presents.

  5. Hi everyone, thank you all so much for the lovely comments, they feed my artistic soul :-)
    Re who is awake, I think forever more he shall be know as Maurice, thanks jack :-)
    I honestly look forward to sharing my art and enjoying the ability to share all of yours in 2011.


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