Saturday, December 11, 2010

Illustration Friday - phenomenon

Phenomenon =
  • something that is unusual, curious or significant
  • a fact or occurrence that cannot be accounted for 
  • something viewed as astonishing by those who see it
  • an extraordinary event or marvel
What an exciting word to illustrate. At first I thought 'what can I draw for that' and then I researched the word a little and thought about it and lots of ideas came to mind. This is a quick little digital study I have done this morning and i didn't have a lot of time so I may do something else later in the week as although I like this its not perfect and I think i could do better. I know what I don't like -  my basic drawing - I did it with my digital pen and i haven't quite mastered that although I know I am getting better. I draw wonky! I like bits of it.
So please if you have any artistic feedback for me ( constructive please :-)) I would love the benefit of your experienced / learned/ artistic input. Janet
Oh, by the way, this one is called "Never Alone"


  1. By placing the picture on the wall you have spread out a whole sad story for us in one picture. The cat isn't impressed though.

  2. I really love it. I especially like the picture on the wall.
    Lovely blog

  3. I love how the woman has the same hair cut in the picture and when she is older. We laugh at my grandma because she has had the flip style for like 40 years so you can never tell what year it is if she is in the picture. I also like how the cat is rubbing up on the male ghost. cute and sad at the same time. Thank you for your comment on my IF too. :)

  4. that's a cool idea for the subject.
    and I have to say I really love your header, so relaxing :D
    Thanks for your lovely visit and comment on my blog ♥

  5. My only bit of advice Janet, is don’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes we are so critical of ourselves that we project it onto the way others see us or our work. Constructive criticism is great, but don’t cut yourself down... especially when you have come up with a gem like this. You wrote a whole story in one little illo. A very great little illo ;o)

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments, and especially you Jack, that is a wonderful and very true piece of advice, something I will work on because I know you are right about self critiscm. Thanks too for your encouragement and positive feedback on my illustration.

  7. a bit sad story, but so touching and so real :)

    and, thank you for your comment! :D

  8. This is truly a picture that says a thousand words, if not more. Very touching. I thought this was a hard prompt to illustrate, but your idea is terrific!

  9. Thank you so much Abby and Pollythegirl for these lovely comments


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