Saturday, December 4, 2010

Illustration Friday - Prehistoric

An excerpt from a prehistoric Christmas Newsletter complete with photo perhaps....
"The Neanderthal family have a new pet"

Bob, Jane and Tim welcomed a new pet into their house
this Year and Melvin thinks he will be very happy here!"
In other news from our end Timmy received a trophy
for his clubbing skills and ....

I really should be doing some of my course work not spending time playing with prehistoric illustration topics but this is so much fun! IF really appeals to the creative side of me that I love and which I must say, just wants to have fun, not buckle down and do what it should.
I am doing a course to improve my painting skills so I don't feel so reliant on digital 'fix ups' but i must say over the last 6 months I have worked more on my digital art painting skills than on my non digital. I think I am feeling less concern about it all and just accepting all of the creative sides to me.
This technique is helpful in either digital or non digital as I have practiced a bit with using thicker lines in my illustration to what I normally would and a very quick looser type drawing style so I guess in some ways I might be considered to have been studying. I like aspects of the line technique but think I need a mix of thick and thin not one over the other. The drawing - some bits still look very stiff. Its fun trying new things though.

Well I am signing off for tonight, I hope you enjoy this little illustration and I hope Melvin will be happy in his new home.
Addit : I thought I had better just clarify that i know there were no cameras in prehistoric times, in case anyone was wondering........


  1. Good illo you have here. I know what your saying about feeling creative with IF. Words paint images in my head. Nice image. :)

  2. Hey Janet! Thanks for slacking off on your course work so we could enjoy this! Love the whole composition! I’m always using IF as an excuse.... but really... we are honing out creative and technical skills. (that’s what i keep telling myself) Hey thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is so funny and cute, I want a Melvin.

  4. Very creative, the figures are wonderful and I especially like the way their feet are unique for each :)

  5. Thank you everyone. Yes I wouldn't mind a Melvin too :-)


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