Thursday, December 23, 2010

Illustration Friday - Mail

Bertram was only a pup but he knew he had a job to do! 
His family were relying on him....


  1. Cute. Yup my dog has this mentality also he has killed more letter than I can count thankfully no mailmen yet.

    Super illustration.

  2. beware of that cute dog? owww... I can't...

  3. Great! That pup might be a good helper!

  4. Nice illustration, the pup looks grown up already and up to the job.

  5. This is kinda cute :)
    Atfirst i read "Beware of the Pog"
    And i thought "Oh! A Pig-Dog" :D (Since it's a little .....fat xD but cute :)
    And thanks for your comment;)

  6. Thanks everyone, what great comments, everyone of them made me smile. Chibi Janine, Im glad to read no postmen have been lost as yet, and Blauherz, loved that you thought he was a pig dog... no he is just as you said a little ... chubby. :-)
    Thank you all.


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