Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Illustration Friday - Intention

Hello my wonderful blogger friends, I'm so sorry I have been MIA for such a long time. I have been busssyyyyyy  - hectic and on top of that having "blogger issues" so I cant just pop in for 5 minutes when I have a chance. I hope you are all still with me and I hope to rectify the " I never have time " syndrome that has been plaguing me.

Anyway here is my IF entry for "Intention"

Meet Wild Bill Hic-croc! Its his intention to keep the west safe from varmints and if I were you, I wouldn't stand in his way!

      Hey Pardner.... whats your intention?

You might ask whats a crocodile doing way out in desert country... but I wouldn't!
He has dedicated his life to his mission, he will go wherever he needs to.


  1. He's chasing the Paper Bag Gang - they are wanted for rustling.

  2. There's something a little odd about a croc in the desert, and he doesn't even have a canteen. Probably knows how to get cactus water, though. I wouldn't ask him about it, just kinda thinkin' to myself.

    Another funny drawing, Janet.

  3. Adorable character, and I like the simple line with washes. It would be fun to see what else he gets up to!

  4. Cute crocodile! I love his gesture and expression :)

  5. Blogger ate my comment.... or maybe I forgot to press "publish"
    Anyway, it was to say thank you all for taking the time to comment on my blog. I am very appreciative and love your feedback and comments :)

  6. I really love Wild Bill! He's a great character, full of personality. You have a lovely style, thanks for the vist to my blog. Hope to see more of Bill soon!


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