Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arabesque - triumphant RETURN to dancing!

She hadn't danced for years but when her feet hit that stage
and the music flowed it was like she had never been away!

I have had some time today to just have some fun so I have been working on vector images, just because I have missed doing anything digitally lately and I'm keen to keep learning and trying new things. There is just so much to learn!
After a couple of frogs and an Easter chick I progressed onto one of my favourite subjects - dancing mice....
I hope you enjoy her show


  1. Very cute dancing mouse!
    Thanks very much for your comments.

  2. Well done! Learning more about vector images is on my wish list, too. Did you take a course?

  3. Thanks everyone. I know she is kind of stiff and a bit stilted but i was focusing on my vector tecnhiques and the pen tool so much that bit got left behind :-)
    PiaD, I didnt do any specific course - perhaps I should as now Im trying to work on outlining with the pen tool and its proving difficult - what I did do was just do a google search for vector and making vector illustrations in photoshop and then watched a few tutorials, mainly in you tube as i find I work better with those ones. I would send you a list of links but I didnt keep them. There are some good tutorials out there, you just have to sift through to find the ones that appeal to your learning style.
    Cheers everyone!


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