Wednesday, March 28, 2012

30 day drawing challenge

30 day drawing challenge! Yah! What a concept.
Ive been too busy lately to do much art and posting of art, Well actually, I have been doing the illustrations, just not putting them up here. This might be just what I need to redirect me to take the time I need in my busy days and get onto my blog, which feels very neglected and forgotten of late. Ive decided that it is always like this at the beginning of a new year and I'm not sure why. There are pockets of busy chaos then quieter times where I get more done. Anyway, re my blog - I miss it!
Every couple of days I will put up my updates - warts and all. I reckon that some of them will be pretty rushed quick piccs, but I don't care, its all about fun!
Here's one I prepared earlier... ;-) well one of my hand painted mini greeting cards  anyway. Cant stand to do a post without a picc even if it doesn't necessarily relate to the post. :-)

I plan to start this weekend! Whoo hoo!


  1. This card is so cute it's making me uncomfortable.

    But I would be okay with my sweetheart giving it to me.

    1. :-) well i hope your sweet heart reads this and gives you one!

  2. OK.... I was way too optimistic thinking I could do this now... I realise I could do the 30 pieces of art for the 30 day challenge if I had an extension, like maybe 30 art subjects over 120 days.... Maybe I’ll work on that. It’s just a really busy time for me at the moment, not sure why. First part of the year always starts off with a busy bang!
    I will work on my slow paced challenge Lol


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