Friday, March 4, 2011

Illustration Friday - swarm

Well I didn't think I would get anything in this week, all I could think of were locusts which are quite a devastating problem here and I did not want to honour them with an illustration. Plus I have been quite busy.
I have been painting some little name tag cards for lolly bags for our daughters birthday party in a few weeks and I just looked down at them 1/2 an hour ago and thought "oh my - A swarm of fairies!"
They are not finished yet and sit on my craft room table but here are a few piccs anyway. Plus they add to my '100 faces theme' - Ive done 19 so that's up to 29 faces now - wow its flying along :-)


  1. Ah Janet they are lovely!!!! What a special thing for your daughter as well!!!
    They are gorgeous!

  2. Thank you both, yes I must say she loves helping me with them and working out who will recieve each fairy etc.

  3. These are lovely!
    I particulalry like the last one, the little red head with the cute dress.

  4. Will you do a series of these as ACEOs for your new site?

  5. Hi anonymous, I think I will do this, I am not sure how much interest there is out there for Aceos these days but I still love producing them. They are affordable for buyers and fun to paint. I think they are a great little format for producing my childrens illustration party wares as well.


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