Sunday, March 27, 2011

My busy few weeks

Well i promised I would post about one of the main things keeping me happily busy over the past few weeks and this was one very special one. Our little girls birthday. She was very lucky this year and had two parties, one with family and one with friends. I made two cakes ( one for each party) and of course the family one came first so they thought they were the Guinea pigs but didn't mind as I think it tasted okay - well they told me it did. I was really happy with the result as I have never made a "proper birthday cake" before. Let me know what you think. Not only did we have her two parties we had parties for friends to attend as well so we have been having a jolly and fun time.
Birthday cake number 1, trial run

Some butterfly cupcakes and dragon fly biscuits
 Birthday cake 2 - the big party
 Our fairy princess
 Opening a present from the fairy hosts
Fairy kisses

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