Sunday, February 20, 2011

Illustration Friday - layers

World news tonight!
Famous Archaeologist Boris P Bunnito finds fossil evidence of Paleolithic bunnies!

About fossils

What Are Fossils?

•Fossils are the remains or imprints left behind from plants and animals. They can be whole parts of an animal, or just pieces of their remains. They can also include movement remnants of animals, such as footprints or imprints.

How Do They Form

•In order for a fossil to form, an animal or plant must be trapped into a material. In many instances, fossils are found in sediment. Layers of sediment will envelop the remains; this can continue for thousands of years. The actual remains that are found aren't the animal or plant at all. Instead, the remains begin to decay within the sediment. Minerals then replace the space that was once the remains. The mineral hardens and makes an impression of the animal or plant. What is left is what is known as a fossil.
Obviously mine didn't decay too much :-)

Read more: How Do Fossils Form?


  1. I love it I love the little hat in the corner bottom. I love the little feet on the rabbit.

  2. Thanks folks, and I like your point Tomas, Ive looked at fossilised marble and it preserves the fossilised object very well, so does opal, that might be another illustration. :-)

  3. Wow! What a geological and funny illustration! I love it!

  4. Breat post and humorous illo! Love it Janet...Thanks!!!

  5. Brilliant :) I love how he has a fossilised carrot too. Boris P Bunnito is a great character!


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