Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Painting Monday

This is a little painting I finished off yesterday on 'painting monday'. I did it plein air which is something I need to practice, and I did the work as a practical for my art course. I modelled it on our little blossom tree (flowering plum) which is struggling to get any bigger after being here for three to four years already. There may be slow progress but I don't really notice it much.

I am not sure if I will submit this one yet, it depends what other practice sessions bring I guess although I am very happy with this. It is water colour and acrylic and best of all hasn't had any digital touching up. I have nothing against digital adjustment, i use it a lot, I just want to get my art to a place where I feel I dont need to 'finish it' on the pc.

I call this one "blossoms" and it reminds me of long walks I used to take with my doggy near where we used to live, beside a lovely little creek which was lined with pink and white blossoms. A very peaceful and tranquil place to be and it was perfect. I love blossoms and the memories they evoke.

I've just bought myself some Artisan water mixable oil paints so look forward to trying those out, maybe tomorrow on 1/2 day painting wednesday. :-)


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