Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our wet, cold and wild weather

We've had some really wild weather this way, Eenie and I got caught in it yesterday when we went out to the shops, we had to walk through a mini lake (ankle deep on me) to get into our car to come home. There was torrential rain at times, thunder and lightening and wind as well. A great day to stay inside which is what we did once we got home and out of our soaking clothes and warmed up again. Its a bit like it again today. While I love the rain and the wild weather, I like to enjoy it from inside looking out.
Anyway, we spent some time painting and these two quick sketches were inspired by our rainy adventures yesterday.

This is a quick 10 minute w/c sketch "Good weather for ducks"

This is another quick w/c sketch which has been digitally worked as well. "Wild Weather"

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