Monday, September 13, 2010

Beauty in nature

Well, we have been away for a few days and so my artwork has been on hold. I had plenty of inspiration while i was away, just not the time to do anything with it so I have tried to store up the feelings, vision and beauty I saw to put into works at a later date. I also took plenty of photos. My art tutor wouldn't be 100% happy with that, falling back into 2 dimensional again, but hey, the scenery and the emotion it provoked was so impressive I know it wouldn't be just 2 dimensional if i did paint from inspiration of a photo anyway.
Where did we go? Into the desert at the most wonderful time to see it, when it is a tapestry of colour with the many native wildflowers that grow there. Mixed in with the red sand and beautiful blue skies it is a sight to behold. If you can you should try to get to outback Australia when its in bloom like that at least once in a lifetime.
Sturt Desert Pea, the state flower emblem for South Australia
Poached egg flower

An old outhouse in Andamookah

This wouldn't be a pleasant climb in the middle of the night...

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