Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Illustration Friday _ wings

Meet Wanda, motivational speaker and hero to fairies everywhere. Wanda speaks out against societies penchant for portraying fairies as youthful, nibble, waif like, creatures.
"It gives young fairies unrealistic expectations to aspire to" she recently said.
Here here Wanda!

I was going to draw a red bull but I thought that was product endorsement and I didn't want to do that. 


  1. I like this - sweet! And yes, it's about time we had a slightly more realistic looking fairy. I'm so tired of those model-like waifs with wings!

  2. I love Wanda!!! Wonderful illustration!

  3. Wanda is setting a good example for fairies far and "wide!" She's a true role (or "roll?") model! ;o)

  4. Wanda thanks you for the universal support (and so do I)! :)

  5. But, how will those tiny wings support all that extra....

    ha ha, I kid. I don't like those skinny chick anyway. I like a Fairy with meat on her bones!

    This is a comical drawing, she's has a lot of personality. Funny.

  6. Thanks Ted, you know I always appreciate your feedback and comments, they are a double helping - inspiring & constructive art feedback and funny to boot! Couldn't ask for anything more :D


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