Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Illustration Friday - Sight

What tremendously scary sights are they facing now?… is it the frightening falling crates of the “Madagascar” or the terrifyingly chomping tyrannosaurus rex of the “Jurassic park” ride?

This quick little illustration was prompted by a recent stopover in Singapore where we took out little girl to ‘universal studios!’ A great time was had by all, especially her as she tells everyone that was her most favourite thing of her whole holiday (which included a wonderful 4 weeks making our way around some of the most beautiful places in Italy) :-) She did like that too…..
Oh and I better say the rides were all okay for little ones so the level of scary may have been ramped up here a little… artistic license and all that!

And below is a belated entry for 'kernel' I whipped him up to try and get in on the last few hours of that prompt but despite getting him done in time I couldnt upload him as blogger was 'having a moment' and wouldnt let me into my page. I liked the old coot too much to ditch him so here he is.

“The Kernel” A man’s man and brave leader of the legendary ‘corncrop’ brigade.

I’m sure I will be posting lots of Italy related piccs in the coming weeks! I loved it so much, so inspirational and so beautiful there!

I’ve laid my hand on marble that was chiselled by Michelangelo. (Unfinished sculptures museum in Florence)

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