Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Illustration Friday - Vanity

The reflection of Narcissus
I only have time for fleeting sketches just at the moment I am afraid but at least I still get to post something :-)


  1. Well.. it's a nice start... but are you sure you're dedicating yourself enough to your art? ha ha.

    Maybe you should forget sleeping and draw for us instead. You know, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones only slept 2 hours a night during his most productive era. On second thought, maybe that's not a good idea lest we all look like him today :(

  2. Mirror...mirror...
    Good one for a fleeting illo!! :)

  3. Thanks friends, for visiting and your support! Things will settle down soon and I may have more time, I have recently started a new job, gone back to full time hours ( after part time – boo hoo) and recently had my first market stall and a couple of parties and things at home… how do I get myself into these time 'pickles' :0
    I am keen to do a few courses for my art soon too … yikes…oh well at least then I will be quite focosed on my art :)
    Oh and I definitely don’t want to look like Keith Richards Ted! :-D.


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