Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Well hello friends, I'm sorry I have been a baaaaaaddddd blogger! I seem to be saying that far too often these days and coming up with all sorts of what must seem like excuses but I kid you not, life has been that hectic!
Most recently - getting ready for my families first real Halloween party. You may or may not know I am Australian and we don't officially'celbrate' Halloween over here but it is becoming more prevalent and I have been a fan all my life, being that growing up I loved all things spooky and most things American. It always sounded like so much fun in the comics (graphic novels I guess we call them now) and in the movies.
Anyway, we had it and it was a great night, so much fun for the kids!

 Fun games

Fun food (witches toes)

Decorations (my girl and I worked hard on making our decorations and had such fun doing it)! I hope you all had as much fun as my family did if you celebrate Halloween!

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