Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my tooth is feeling better! Yah!

Me over the weekend

Well.... I didn't actually wear a thing around my head but that's all I could think about - those cartoon characters with the bandage around their face when they had a sore tooth. 1 root canal (1/2 done?) and I feel so much better, just the residual discomfort from the work now. 1 - 2 more to go to complete the process in 1 month and then eventually a crown.

I just want to say, even know he will never read this, a huge thank you to the endodontist who helped me, Dr Farmer - he was fantastic and took great care and made sure I was pain free and relaxed the whole time. A lovely man who is wonderful at his job and has a wonderful respect for his patients.  A big thank you to all endodentists and dentists and health workers out there who read this post! You make a big difference in peoples lives!

Thanks also to everyone who popped by my last post with reassurance, it really meant a lot and you were all right, it didn't hurt and I just kept my eye on the prize - relief !

xo Janet


  1. I am so happy to hear that you are doing better Janet!!! I am glad you didn't have too much pain or had to wear a funny face bandage!! :)

  2. glad you are feeling better. what a great drawing to accompany this post!

  3. Hey... I kind of like you this way- sweet and pouty?? Ha ha.

    Sounds like you have good dentist. I had a root canal a year ago which wasnt too bad, except my dentist left the room for 25 minutes to work on somebody else while I sat there with all the plumbing hanging out of my mouth. I wasnt happy and warned him that next time he pulls that stunt I will find a new dentist. hmmmmph!

  4. I I love your header and I knew I was in Oz straight away!

    and your head in a sling is so good, yet so bad, because don't you not love dentists.? Root canal is okay, but the cost is the painful part. I love dentists so much I stay away from them, though my heart tells me I should 'pay' them a visit more often

    so what's wrong with wooden teeth :)?

  5. You know, in the old days the elderly didnt have to visit the dentist anymore, they just mailed in their teeth.

  6. Thanks everyone1!
    You are so right about the cost being painful Andrew :-) and guys, I think I'll steer clear of those wooden teeth!
    I'm full of the joys of the world again!

  7. Aw~ You are certainly appreciative. How are your teeth? You should show this post to your endodontist! He would take it as an achievement, because he had made one of his patients satisfied! :)

    Bianca Jackson


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