Thursday, July 21, 2011

Illustration friday - Gesture.... Bunny makes a wish

Just something I'm trialling.... I move between digital and traditional illustration a lot, I guess I have grown to love creating in both mediums so that's a good thing.

That night, before she turned out her light and went to sleep
bunny looked to the stars and made a wish

Hoping all of your wishes come true :-)

Now I have decided to make this my Illustration Friday entry as well. It's my gesture of friendship to all of you wonderful people who visit my blog and make this a shared experience which is rewarding and so very enjoyable for me! xo Janet


  1. She looks like she is looking up in absolute wonder.

  2. Hi Janet. nice to meet you. Oh yes, do please joping Creative Tuesday. The theme is lilsted in bold capital orange letters at bottom of latest post, under the montage, etc. Also I list the theme in the side bar under the C.T. icon. Looking forward to your contribution and inputs. We certainly need a few more Aussies. :)

  3. Thank you for the comment. :)
    This is magical! Sweet bunny!

  4. Hey, thanks for the friendship gesture, Janet!
    I work in both traditional and digital all the time, and I ask all the artists who work for me to do the same because there is a line quality and warmth that just can't be had digitally, so I do all my drawing on paper first before scanning it into photoshop. I can't wait to continue the process in PS though, I love it. It's such a fun way to tweak your art and it's so forgiving if you make a mistake. I equate it to the fun I had at ten years old, playing with my very first etch-a-sketch. It will never replace traditional art though, it's just another medium. -just my two bits.

  5. Wow I adore this! And thanks for the gesture of friendship! Last week was my first week!

  6. Thank you for your comments everyone.
    Kittypinkstars - I look forward to seeing lots more of your entries :-)
    Ted, I must say I am happy i have accepted that I can do my art traditionaly but also touch up or adjust or embellish digitally, at first I saw this process as a sign of failure or something but now i embrace it.
    Lynda, Heather and anonymous - thank you :-)
    Mmm, glad to be on board, I find it fun to be given a theme to work to, its an enjoyable process of creation.

  7. Just a PS, I just wanted to say thanks Ted for your 'two bits', your guidance /thoughts, are always appreciated here, as Someone relatively new in this world of illustration, I value the knowledge base of someone as accomplished and talented as yourself.


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